Hero Award

Dauphin County’s Heroes Grove
The Hero Award Nomination Form / Please copy and paste onto a word document and mail the completed form out to: heroesgrove@gmail.com.

Heroes come from all walks of life: Military. Police, Firefighters, Moms, Dads, Scout Leaders, Scouts, Teachers, and everyone else. This is your chance to honor your hero. Residents of Dauphin county nominating other residents of Dauphin county who they believe changed someone’s life. This recognition is awarded monthly to those who are committed to our community and country; those who demonstrate a high level of job performance and service to our country and/or community. Nominations are reviewed and judged by committee members of Dauphin County Heroes Grove and are presented and recognized on a periodic basis. Nominations may be submitted on an on-going basis. All qualified nominations received prior to set committee meetings will be considered. Decisions by set committee will be final. Nominations and attachments will become property of the committee.

Our Vision is to develop a vehicle to increase public awareness of the agencies, organizations and people who protect and serve our society.

Nominee’s Name: __________________________________________________
Nominee’s Address: __________________________________________________
Nominee’s Telephone: (_____) ________-______________
Nominee’s email: _____________________________
Your Name: __________________________________________________
Your Address: __________________________________________________
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Please complete the following:
1. Privide a background on the nominee and the reason(s) why you are nominating this person:

2. Please describe the nominee’s community/country service involvement:

3. Describe how the nominee promotes the Dauphin County Heroes Grove Vision:

4. Please list any military background of the nominee:

5. Please e-mail your recommendations for the Hero Award to: Heroesgrove@gmail.com.

The Heroes Award is a project of Heroes Fund, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation.